How TANGObuilder can help you with constant increase in material costs

In this post we discuss how we help our customers stay on budget even with constant material cost increase.

The construction industry is constantly facing new challenges– many of which eat at already thin profit margins. The continuously increasing cost of materials, the additional expenses required to make changes after design for a project is completed, and the daily cost of delays can turn a feasible project into completely unaffordable in just a few months.


With TANGObuilder, we’re able to help our customers stay on budget by quickly re-evaluating their primary structural material. With our platform, we can re-evaluate buildings in different configurations, such as wood, steel, and light gauge steel and our turnaround time for structural concepts can be as quick as one day.

Also, our feasibility studies include an in-depth cost breakdown and an analysis of the constructability of your project.

Using TANGObuilder is a cost effective way to evaluate if changing the material for a project is an option within budget, if it will reduce cost or not, and how the change will impact the schedule.

For example, one of our customers evaluated the unit economics for a 500,000 sq ft residential building before COVID19 and decided to move forward with the project. Soon after, the pandemic began and, fast-forward 12 months, the prices for wood skyrocketed. The project became no longer feasible since the units' economics did not work with current prices.

Using our proprietary algorithm, we were able to create a new structural concept. We found that using light gauge steel rather than wood meant our client could re-evaluate the project and stay within budget and scope.

If you are facing similar problems, reach out, we are always happy to help!